reverb 10, day 3: moment

Prompt: Pick one moment during which you felt most alive this year. Describe it in vivid detail (texture, smells, voices, noises, colors).

I’m the kind of person who will wait in line in the freezing rain before a concert. Or, in this case, the last freezing rain/snow storm of the season, at the beginning of May. Butch Walker was playing in Minneapolis, you see, and he was worth the deathly cold I would eventually catch.

We spent three hours – I think – standing out side of the Fine Line Music Cafe, my two friends and I and one couple who was as hardcore as we were. We took turns running over to Pizza Luce for a slice of pizza and spent a lot of time mocking the people who couldn’t follow the bizarre new parallel parking rules on First Avenue. When we finally made it inside the venue, it was totally worth it – partly because the Fine Line kind of sucks as a venue. You have to be up close to really enjoy the show, if you are in fact there to enjoy the show and not just drink with some cool background music. There’s a pole that obstructs a good third of the back of the floor. There are tables in the middle of the floor that are usually reserved by people who may or may not be willing to get into the spirit of the show. And the upstairs is useless – you either need to pay a load of money to reserve a table on the railing or forget being able to see anything.

(We also just love making fools of ourselves up front at Butch Walker shows.)

I love concerts more than anything. I love being in the middle of a crowd of people who all love the same music I do. I love singing along at the top of my lungs, and laughing at a musician’s stupid between-song banter. I love bouncing and dancing so much that my feet are nearly paralyzed with pain by the time I leave. I love the feeling I get in my chest when the musician starts to play my favorite song. I love the little changes bands make to the live versions of their songs. I love having a singer look down at us and grin because we know every word by heart. It’s interactive music. It’s that step beyond just throwing an album on your iPod and listening to it alone.

That Butch Walker show was the best concert I saw all year. He’s the kind of performer who throws everything he’s got into every performance. I went from being cold and wet to hot and sweaty and disgusting. My hips hurt from being pressed into the stage by the crowd behind me. At the end of the night, my throat hurt from singing and screaming. It was awesome.

This seems like a prompt that requires an audio/visual addition. The video below was taken by my friend at that show – it’s one of the best quality concert vids I’ve seen, and it captures possibly my all-time favorite Butch song, played as well as I’ve ever seen him perform it. This is why I stand out in the rain, why I drive 10 hours and sleep on couches to see him. It’s this kind of moment, this kind of energy. This is what feeling alive means to me.

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LeighDecember 4th, 2010 at 12:18 am

Love. It. ;)

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